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Discounts ferries 2023

Ferry discounts 2023

Also for the 2023 season we can offer you discounts on Tirrenia, Moby transport.
The discount is 20% for the months from January to June included, and from October to December; 10% for July, August and September.

The discounts are linked to the rental of one of the properties on the website, it is only possible to take advantage of the promotion by concluding a rental contract. We can provide the discount codes only after receipt of the signed contract and the bank transfer receipt for the confirmatory deposit.
The transport contract will be concluded directly on the official websites of the shipping companies by entering the alphanumeric code in the ticket purchase procedure.

The discount code cannot be combined with other coupons or vouchers issued for other initiatives, it is unique and therefore, once the Tkt has been confirmed, it can no longer be used again.

TIRRENIA and MOBY reserve the right to eliminate or modify the discount on some journeys, in relation to the availability of the spaces.
The discount coupons are valid for ticket issues within 04/30/2023 (possibly extendable);
TIRRENIA and MOBY have the right to view the relative reservations to which discount codes have been provided.

All the ferry companies reserve the right not to apply, eliminate or modify the discounts on some trips in relation to the availability of the spaces. Any non-application of the agreements by the shipping companies does not depend on the Sardinia Rent and Sell agency.

Update 06/04/23: For some dates in August the companies are not applying the discounts.