Frequent Asked Question

How to book

Contact us by mail, we send you the bank details to make the bank transfer to send us the deposit.

How long do I have to send the deposit and lock the house?

When we send you the bank details to make the transfer, the house is blocked for 24 or 48 hours. Within the 24 or 48 hours you have to make the transfer and send the copy of the receipt by email or fax. If this does not happen within the time in question, the house is considered free again.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is about one third of the entire amount. We communicate the exact amount.

By when can I pay the rest of the amount?

The rest of the amount must be paid one month before the arrival day.


All activities, excursions, experiences proposed in the "Activities" section, are carried out, managed and organized by companies, companies, associations completely independent from Sardinia Rent and Sell. Sardinia Rent and Sell provides tenant customers with only contacts and possibly discount codes. Sardinia Rent and Sell has no responsibility for everything related to the aforementioned excursions, activities, experiences.

How long before the arrival day I have to ask for renting linen/towels?

If you opt for renting linen and towels, must give us notice no later than twenty days before the arrival day. Especially during the high season, suppliers require us a so long notice period to organize all supplies and be able to meet all requirements. Below this notice we can not guarantee the availability of laundry. If your request is made at your arrival, the only thing we can do is to contact the suppliers and check if they have any bed/bath set in surplus. Requests for linen/towel rentals must be made strictly in writing by mail.
Any cancellation or changes related to the linen/towel reservations must arrive to us in writing within seven days before the day of your arrival. Beyond that limit we can not make changes to the supply of linen and towels, so in this case the cost of rent is still due.

The properties are equipped with bed linen and towels?

The properties are not equipped with bed linen / towels. If you prefer not to bring your own linen we can offer rental service. The price is 35.00 weekly for the master bed set and 18.00 weekly for the single bed set. The master bed set consists of top sheet, bottom sheet, two pillowcases, two face towels, two shower towels. The single bed set consists of top sheet, bottom sheet, a pillowcase, a face towel, shower towel.
For stays longer than the single week, if you opt for the linen hire is compulsory weekly change.
Some properties have linen/towels (specified on the data sheet of the property),
in this case it is provided by the owners.

Can I take a look to a fac simile of the contract that I will sign in case of booking?

Yes sue, you can find it on the section "Term and conditions", click on "For Tenants" on the bottom of the page, you can find a fac simile of the contract, it's a pdf file and it's downloadable.

Water from the tap

You should not drink tap water. Usually tap water comes from the public water supply, but in the rare case of a public supply disruption, the houses take water from private water supplies.


The tourist areas where there are the houses are often surrounded by nature, surrounded by greenery and gardens, it can therefore be present local wildlife.
The tenant must take all precautions to ensure that the local wildlife does not enter in homes.

Italian mattress sizes

Mattresses sizes in Italy
Double cm 160x190 (rarely 160x200)
French one and a half cm 140x190
Italian one and a half cm 120x190
King size between cm 170x190 and 200x200
Single cm 80x190


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