Terms and conditions

How to book

  • Contact us by mail or filling the information request form present on each house card, specifying the period of your interest. The agency after contacting the owners to check the ultimate availability will confirm the availability of the period indicated.
  • Once we have confirmed availability, please send us by mail or fax a written request specifying the period of booking and your contact informations. We will hold your booking for 24 / 48 hours and send you the details for the bank transfert.
  • During the 24 / 48 hours you can proceed to secure your booking by paying the required deposit by mean of bank transfer. The amount is about one third of the total rental. We will communicate the exact amount. This is the deposit for your reservation. If within 24/48 hours we do not receive the receipt of the bank transfer and the signed contract, the option expires and the house will be considered available and rentable.
  • Once you make the bank transfer, please send us a copy of the receipt by fax or email. Once we have received proof of the transfer, we will then confirm your booking.
  • If within the prescribed time the payment is not finalized and the copy of the receipt is not send, the property is considered free again.
  • The remaining balance must be paid thirty days before arrival. We will email you a reminder nearer to the time and send all the information relating to your arrival.
  • For bookings made through direct booking portals, can be applied procedures other than those applied in direct bookings between the tenant and the Agency.
  • We suggest to book the flight or the transfer by ship, after our final confirmation about the availability of the villa (that occurs after we have contacted the landlords)