In the stretch of coast that separates Su Giudeu beach from Tuerredda beach, there is a small bay, Perdalonga, also known as Punta Pinnetta or Sa Pinnetta. On the bay rises a small private residential complex, guarded, very quiet and private, consisting of just over 40 houses distant from the sea between 80 and 150 meters.
The residential complex is 1000 meters from Tuerredda and 3000 meters from Su Giudeu.
The Perdalonga bay has a cyclical beach that depending on the storms can be sandy, pebbly and rocky, or with algae, or a middle ground between the various conditions.
At a distance of about 80 meters from the bay of Perdalonga, following a path that crosses the Mediterranean bush over a small hill, you can find another bay that has a small beach known as Cala Antoniareddu. Little known but very suggestive, it looks like a natural pool or a tropical lagoon.
On this page you can see the photos of the two small bays and in particular the photos of the beach of Perdalonga in various conditions.